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Primary Pack

Smith's Wood 7 Primary Lessons + Observing for Impact

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These seven filmed lessons cover a range of subjects and are supplied with feedback reports that detail strengths and areas for improvement. They include all the materials needed to deliver effective staff development. Also included is Observing for Impact, a complete training resource that can be used with live lessons or pre-recorded lessons to maximise your CPD.

Designed for CPD

Each of our lessons contain:

  • Video of lesson plus teacher introduction and relective feedback.
  • Lesson plans, report based on Ofsted criteria
  • Question prompts to use with staff
  • The option of having these on DVD or as network-ready files to share across your school

All supporting materials are aligned to the latest Ofsted framework.

Each filmed observation includes lesson plans, report and judgement, evaluation forms, and question prompts to use in staff training sessions.

About the school

Smith’s Wood Primary School was created following the bringing together of two local schools in special measures, as part of the regeneration of North Solihull. Since then the school has improved quickly, raising standards in teaching and learning in core subjects, making this the preferred school for parents in the area. Now, Smith`s Wood Primary regularly exceeds national average levels in key areas.  

Lessons filmed at this school are:

Year 1 Phonics - ‘o’ sound

This bottom ability SEN group look at the “o” sound for the first time in class.
Click here for a video preview / lesson plan. 

Year 2 Literacy - Reported speech

The children are familiar with speech punctuation, and in this session focus on using reported speech. During the lesson a 'live' pirate enters the classroom, stealing a variety of items, including the teacher's I-Pad.
Click here for a video preview / lesson plan. 

Year 3 Topic: The Romans - Gladiators
This cross-curricular topic lesson looks at Roman Gladiators. They learn about gladiators lives and consider what would make the perfect gladiator.
Click here for a video preview / lesson plan. 

Year 5 Maths - Negative Numbers

This lesson's focus is on negative numbers and using them in context. This is a lower ability group made up of learners with special education needs (SEN) including autism and speech/language difficulties.
Click here for a video preview / lesson plan. 

Year 5 Literacy - Writing a Conclusion

This top set literacy group’s task is to write a conclusion to a text that they have been studying for 3 weeks.
Click here for a video preview / lesson plan. 

Year 6 Maths: Percentage

The topic of this year 6 set is solving percentage problems looking at increasing and decreasing figures.
Click here for a video preview / lesson plan. 

Year 6 Music:  African music
The students look at different aspects of music they have studied over six weeks and bring everything they have learned together in a final musical performance.
Click here for a video preview / lesson plan. 

Observing for Impact 

A comprehensive guide to lesson observation that ensures all leaders understand its purpose and practice. 

These training materials are fully aligned with Ofsted observation practice and provide full support for policy decisions needed under the  Performance Management and Capability arrangements. 

The resource includes guidance and resources that:

    • are ready for use for staff training
    • are practical and enable you to define your own bespoke school approach
    • engage leaders and teachers with the purpose and practice of lesson observation

To see the scope of this resource have a look at the overview documents Purposes of observation, and Managing the observation process which set the context for 24 training activities included in this pack.

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